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Windsor Drive Update

On tonight’s agenda at the Houghton Regis Full Town Council meeting, there were two recommendations on the agenda under item 19 - Possible future development of land at Windsor drive.

Cllr Kennedy proposed a new recommendation to replace recommendation 2 due to its subjective and unfulfillable wording. The Labour team supported this new recommendation.

This new recommendation suggested by Cllr Kennedy stated: “The council supports the National Planning Policy Framework and its commitment to the brownfield sites instead of greenfield sites and therefore opposes any development on greenfield sites in Houghton Regis including Windsor Drive”. (Awaiting recording for confirmed wording)

This new recommendation was voted FOR by the following councillors:

• Cllr M Kennedy (independent)

• Cllr C Slough (Labour)

• Cllr A Slough (Labour)

• Cllr C Copleston (Labour)

• Cllr J Carroll (independent)

• Cllr T McMahon (independent)

• Cllr P Burgess (independent)

The Liberal Democrats abstained from this vote.

We also voted for recommendation 1 which means we will continue to offer support to the Friends of Windsor Drive in terms of engaging in democratic processes.

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