• Antonia Ryan


Today, myself and the Labour Group met with residents, community groups, and CBC Officers to discuss the plans for Windsor Drive.

When your local Labour team learnt about CBC’s plans for Windsor Drive, we proactively engaged with residents, and hosted an event to engage with the community. The Labour message has always been clear, “we do not agree to building on Windsor Drive”.

As such, we have committed to support the work of Friends of Windsor Drive Community Open Space , who was in attendance today championing community views.

Some of you may have heard me recently speaking at the Council, where I questioned the hapless Conservative Administration on the lack of funding for the Houghton Regis Health Centre.

As we emerge from lockdown, we are set to lose more open space and the pitches we need for team sports. CBC has a golden opportunity to develop and encourage outdoor activities on Windsor Drive. Yes, they must respond to other priorities such as housing, but overpopulating areas of need is not the answer. This is an established recreational facility in the middle of existing housing.

It’s not reasonable for CBC to take our green space, and I will do everything I can to support more recreational facilities and open space for us all.


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