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Reported defects...see how easy it is to report street faults to Central Beds Council!

Recently, I carried out some street reporting for Northfields ward. Now that the cold weather has arrived, the roads will feel the cold just as much as us. With below freezing temperatures day and night, the roads are taking a pounding. With every nightly freeze, cracks get bigger and what starts as cracking can lead to increasingly worsening structural road issues that can cause problems for motorists and cyclists alike.

I used the "Fix My Street" app which is easy to use and anyone can do it! It tracks your location to where you are on the street. You can take a picture of the problem you've found, choose the description from the drop-down list provided and then write a short description of the problem as you found it. Once you put in your email address, they send you an email to confirm your report and you're done.

You can use this for anything from graffiti to missing street signs; from faulty lamp posts to potholes. A full list of reportable problems can be found on the app. It is quick and easy to use and gives you a wonderful sense of helping out the community. I urge anyone and everyone to give it a try!

Here is a list of the few items I reported in the last few days on the app:

Maidenbower Avenue:

  • Reported Number 4 street lamp not working.

  • Reported Number 6 street lamp not working.

  • Reported potholes on the intersection between Maidenbower and Westfield Rd.

  • Reported pothole between Westfield junction and Brewers hill junction.

  • Reported pothole at T junction to Loring Rd.

Loring Road:

  • Reported potholes near the T junction from Beech Green to Loring Rd.

Croft Green:

  • Reported pothole near the T junction to Loring Road.

Drovers Way:

  • Reported massive pothole at entrance to Weatherby Rd.

  • Sunken road at bus stop between Weatherby Rd and Spinney Crescent.

Aldbanks Road:

  • Reported southwestern end of road for sinking and disrepair.

  • Reported School Keep Clear zone for fading.

  • Reported middle of Aldbanks Rd for sinking and disrepair.

Beale Street:

  • Reported missing street sign at entrance to walkway from High Street North to Beale Street.

If you're in Northfields Ward and you have a problem you would like reported, you can contact me at matthew.brennan@dunstable.gov.uk or on my mobile number 07952436762 and I will pop round and report it for you! If you think you would like me to concentrate on a particular area of Northfields Ward then let me know!

Kind regards,

Matthew Brennan,

Dunstable Town Council, Northfields Ward

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