• Mark Cant

Labour Councillor clears parking from Priory Surgery

In the weeks running up to Christmas a fleet of white vans appeared in the Priory Car park - Santa’s little helpers? No, they were vans to be used by Amazon during and after the Christmas period. I spoke to a Conservative councillor who said, “it’s ok, if they have paid for the parking, we can’t move them". Oh well, that’s great…just let them do what they want without any regard for the local community! Not accepting that, I immediately spoke to the Amazon Warehouse Site Manager, David, who all of the councillors on the Amazon tour had met. I explained that this is used as a doctor’s surgery car park, and could potentially be a vaccine centre soon, would Amazon want to be blocking parking for older members of the community who could be called en mass to have their vaccination? A couple of emails and phone calls later, credit to the guys at Amazon, the vans were gone. Allowing free access for all our residents to get their essential vaccines.

Communication and consideration, not Conservatism - is the way to improve our community.

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