• Martin Kennedy

Houghton Regis Planning

30th November 2020 Meeting

Planning meetings are generally non-political and as the Town Council has only an advisory role my core function as a Councillor is to try to ensure a consistency in our approach to planning decisions. This is vital, as few matters attract public attention as planning and it is important that the Committee is not unduly swayed by vocal public involvement and that each case is decided on their merits.

For instance, following a significant measure of disapproval about developments in Sewell hamlet, Labour Councillors accepted this as a benchmark for accepting any developments, only offering support to those of a most minor nature unless needed to maintain the existing built and natural environment.

I have served on the Planning Committee for over 5 years now, and feel that we are much more consistent and measured in our response to planning matters in that time period. Planning decisions based on populism are often poor decisions, we need to take responsibility at times when things are difficult but need doing.

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