• Martin Kennedy

Houghton Regis Full Council

Monday 14th December 2020 Meeting

In my 2nd term as Town Councillor for Houghton Regis Town Council I have found a significant improvement in the way that Council operates as elected members. Town Council should be, as any democratic body, concerned about principles above politics. Tonight was an interesting view of this. Low level vandalism, graffiti and fly tipping are day to day things that reduce community confidence and cohesion, present health and safety hazards and require money for repairs. Some of this is a legal requirement for Central Beds Council, but they frequently fail to deliver. To help them, they have suggested if they buy the equipment the Town Council should then employ a person to carry out the work.

This is a duplicitous act, meaning that CBC make a one off payment for capital costs and then lumbers us with a responsibility that isn't ours as well as the wages year on year, or face public recriminations if the service level drops. Houghton Regis Labour Councillors fully support improvements in our community, but don't believe we should pay twice. This is literally CBC's mess, they should clear it up.

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