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Central Beds LA - Extraordinary Meeting for SEND children with no school for Sept 2021

https://www.change.org/p/central-bedfordshire-council-cbc-to-call-an-extraordinary-meeting-re-the-18-send-children-with-no-school-for-sept-2021?signed=true - sign the petition

"Central Bedfordshire SEND parents are calling on Central Bedfordshire Council to hold an Extraordinary meeting of the Children's Services committee to address the many children who have been granted specialist school places, but who have been told that there are no spaces available for September 2021.

These children will have to return to their mainstream settings, which are unable to meet their special educational needs.

This will result in: - Long-term part-time timetables - Loss of learning and some therapies - Social isolation - Deterioration of child, sibling, and parent mental health - Parental loss of income/jobs/careers - Children who withdraw from school altogether until a space is available - Negative impact on mainstream children/teachers

The Director of Children's Services and the Executive Members for Families, Education and Children need to be open and honest about how many children are in this situation, as there are likely to be many more than the 18 who have been identified by the Central Bedfordshire SEND Action Group.

The Extraordinary meeting needs to take place as a matter of extreme urgency over the summer.

If these were mainstream children, the council would be going to any lengths to accommodate them. Children with SEND have a right to a suitable education and Central Bedfordshire is catastrophically failing in their legal duty to provide this to many children."

Text and image taken from change.org petition - Central Beds SEND Action group

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