• Matthew Brennan

Bye Bye Fireworks

Dunstable's annual fireworks night has finished. There was no Queen medley, no Star Wars theme and no Katy Perry playing as Five members of the Community Services Committee, like an overreacting parent, decided never to have a Dunstable Fireworks Night again.

To add a bit of context here DTC can no longer hold the fireworks at Creasey Park. You need to bear in mind that the committee listened to a report of a feasibility study for somewhere else to hold it (*spoiler alert*, we didn't find anywhere suitable). When it came to discuss the report, I listened as councillors expressed how much they didn't want to do the fireworks anymore, for reasons such as;

● Too many people enjoy them (I'm paraphrasing, to be fair it was because the sheer number of patrons is scary from a health and safety standpoint)

● Sometimes we stop doing things so let's stop doing this

● It's expensive

I then watched in awe as the Chair of the meeting called the vote. There were two votes, the first and most important was that Dunstable Town Council will NEVER AGAIN hold a Fireworks evening. Five votes for, one vote against and now the event that brings... sorry, brought… so much happiness to nearly half of Dunstable's population, has been extinguished like a sparkler in a bucket of water.

Why so finite? Why, when no suitable replacement venue for the event was found, did the council not put it on hold until a future venue was found? NO! They said, we will never do it again! Never! NEVER! Maybe just take it off the venue roster? NO! NEVER AGAIN.

Never fear though, Dunstablians, next year is the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. If you're lucky you may be able to apply for a grant for a street party. As long as you don't use the money to buy fireworks.

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