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"No Later Than 9"

A snapshot of observations and overheard conversations

Tuesday 8th June - Council Offices RE: Development of Windsor Drive, Houghton Regis

So we all met at Chicksands. No later than 9am. To meet and greet our representatives on Central Beds Council. The councillors straggled in, burdened under the weight of their laptops and sandwiches... ID tags swaggering as they marched to the door, not avoiding and impeccably polite.

Questions heard...

"Please will you take a leaflet?"

"You don't live in Houghton do you?"

"Isn't this misinformation... you're counting the shrub area...?"

"Isn't the recreation ground in the middle of a residential area...?"

"We need sports fields... why are you selling it off?"

"Don't the kids need air to breathe as well as houses...?"

"How much more traffic pollution will there be...?"

"What about the wildlife...?"

And answers heard...

"People need houses" they said.

"I always listen" she said.

"I know the area well" he said.

So if this means something to you, let's show it. Send old fashioned letters to your MP, CBC Councillors, Chair of CBC. Be ready to demonstrate at every meeting CBC hold regarding Windsor Drive. Hold regular events on Windsor Drive. Physical presence attracts media and gets politicians attention. This is a tough fight so get your best game on.

Thank you to all the local residents who are fighting this campaign on behalf of all of us who live and work in Houghton Regis.

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