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Local Disability Support

Disability Resource Centre - Dunstable. Unthwarted by the Covid pandemic, this charity offers everything from free online exercise classes supported by free computer hire for those without access to a PC , wellbeing and employment support and equipment hire. It also provides links and information to a wealth of resources and support, such as Carers Central. They have also launched a package of free online 'Care Academy' workshops for carers covering mental health, disability awareness and much more.

Carers Central - Launched in 2019 in partnership with the Luton Council and NHS Clinical Commissioning group, Carers Central provides a free advice service to unpaid carers throughout Bedfordshire. This includes emotional support, arranging wellbeing courses, direction to services and support or just being there for a chat.

Bedfordshire Wellbeing Service - They are currently providing a host of marvellous online support, including workshops, group talking therapies, individual therapy and webinars to support Bedfordshire resident's wellbeing and mental health. This includes anxiety, depression and tailored support for those living with Long Term Conditions, such as chronic pain.

Scope -one of the UK's disability Charities is continuing to raise awareness for disability and support the disabled community through Covid. They offer an online disability forum as supportive space for anyone touched by disability, as well as a telephone helpline and advice and information about everything related to and concerning those living with disabilities.

The Mighty - a booming online hub of blogs, information and personal stories for people with health challenges which currently holds discussions about 6,000 health related per day. The community offers a holistic space for anyone touched by disability to share their story, seek support or be the support for other people. As described on the website: 'Celebrate wins, ask for help, or be the support someone needs to get through the day. We take it day by day together.'

As we all continue to sit tight in our homes while the vaccination programmes rolls on, the disabled community has continued to be a source of inspiration for society through our resilience, strength and, as the saying goes, truly 'being the change' needed continue to build an inclusive society.

On that note, to access any of the services above, simply click on the name or search up the website name and comprehensive emotional support from charities and online communities alike is available. And, as always, please stay safe and hopeful. With 2020 firmly in the past and hundreds of thousands being vaccinated daily, we will surely get through this period together.

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