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Save Outside Spaces

Save Outside Spaces Campaign

Since Covid, our open spaces and green areas have become more important than ever.

We all need open space, especially young people. Grove Theatre will lose its parking and the traffic (which is already bad) will be gridlocked by Asda with the 2,000 daily visitors & staff.

Louise O'Riordan

Labour member, Louise O'Riordan is actively campaigning to save our local outside spaces. See below for regular updates, written by Louise, about this local campaign.

9th January 2021

GB Champion sprinters practicing in an unsafe car park whilst the safe astroturf they usually practice in is locked up.

They practice 3 days a week here. MP Andrew Selous why isn’t the astroturf pitch opened as you promised it would be?

GB Champion sprinters practising in an unsafe carpark.

19th December 2020

"I reported glass and rubbish all over the car park of Go Bowling on 20th October 2020. It has been like this since before August. It’s still like this. The glass is so dangerous. The rubbish attracts rats. What happened instead?

Central Bedfordshire Council locked up the safe astroturf and have done nothing about the real danger #hypocrites".

18th December 2020

"Central Bedfordshire Council has lied about the astroturf. They said it was unsafe. That there was glass and dog poop in there. All lies. The reality is that CBC have spent £0 maintaining that area. There has been rubbish all over the place for months, years even. We pay council taxes but they don’t clean the area ever. Go Bowling car park has been smothered in glass for months. That’s dangerous. DTC clean the skate park only. CBC clean nothing. The local residents who already pay for it are forced to use their own time to clean the surrounding areas. It’s not on"

15th December 2020

"Not only are they taking away our open space, they expect us to travel 1.4 miles and PAY to use Creasey Park. It costs over £100 p/h to rent a pitch! It’s all about the money with Dunstable Town Council and Central Bedfordshire Council."

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