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Labour Rose - Autumn/Winter 2021

Click here to read our Houghton Regis Labour Rose.


Labour Rose - Winter 2022

Click here to read our Dunstable Labour Rose.


Dunstable and Houghton Regis Labour Party have ward reps for every ward in both towns. These ward reps make sure you stay up to date with the latest news in your local area. As a branch, we canvass, deliver leaflets and phone bank to all residents in both towns.




Wendy Bater

Wendy has lived in Dunstable for 30yrs and is a town councillor for Manshead Ward and serves on Community Services and Finance and General Purposes committee. She loves spending time with her daughter and granddaughter. 



Matthew Brennan

Matthew is a Dunstable Town Councillor for Northfields ward, he lives in the ward and is passionate about helping anyone in need. Living in Dunstable and the surrounding area his whole life he is very proud of the town and what it can and does achieve.


Andrew Harland

Andrew volunteers with the local Good Neighbours Scheme which supports people who need practical help. He is particularly concerned for those in our community who are homeless, in poor housing, disabled or vulnerable.



John Slough

John loves to travel, read and is a big Newcastle Utd fan. He's surprised just how much disappointment the team are capable of as each season progresses.

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Abbie Cowley

Abbie has lived in Dunstable her whole life with her family. In her spare time, Abbie’s hobbies include baking, film and literature.



Trudi Kleanthous

Trudi has lived in South West Dunstable for five years with her husband and youngest son. She says "I feel privileged to live in a town that has so much to offer, especially the easy access to our beautiful countryside"


Emily Payne

Emily has lived in Dunstable all her life. She studies A-Levels and loves to paint for her small business. She enjoys helping out the community and spending time with friends and family.

Houghton Regis


Houghton Hall


Abby Slough

Abby is a Special Educational Needs teacher in a local school and cares passionately about education and the local community. In her spare time she enjoys keeping fit.



Rigerta Ahmetaj

Rigerta is a small business owner in Houghton Regis where she has got to know the strong and dedicated community around her. Rigerta offers a community space where the public can access educational programmes and mental health services.

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Liz Smith

In her spare time, Liz enjoys trying out new recipes and taking the dogs out with her girls. She cares passionately about keeping open spaces, open and ensuring Houghton gets the facilities it deserves.

Tithe Farm

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Natashya Becks

Natashya is passionate about the power of politics and Labour values to create a world for the many, not the few, in her local area. In her free time, she is most content reading, exploring the countryside or curling up with her little sidekick- none other than her puppy of course!


Chris Slough

Chris enjoys looking after his vegetable garden, chickens and dogs. More importantly, he enjoys keeping them all apart!