Events Working Group Meeting 07.3.18

By Chris Slough

Chris Slough

The Events Working Group met on Wednesday evening.

Because it is a Working Group the meeting is not recorded which is a shame in some ways because residents do not get to see it at work.

It is one of the least known groups that carry out the business of the Town Council, yet its work is probably the best known. Reporting to the Community Services committee it organises all the town events that we enjoy throughout the year. It’s a massive workload and a full-time effort for one of our Officers, because events like the May Fair, Carnival, Fireworks, Music Festival and Pride of Houghton Awards all have to be organised, budgets have to be kept and Health and Safety looked after.

Residents volunteer and are Co-opted to the committee to help Councillors with this work. Often these are the very same people you see at events helping as officials, and setting up venues. A lot of discussion goes into the planning of these events with everyone contributing their expertise and experience.

Last Wednesday we were really pleased to note that the Environment Committee had agreed to lower the kerb at Parkside Recreation Ground to allow vehicles onto the field. We have started to use this venue for Town events so we need to be able to get vehicles on and off at the Music Festival. This also, most importantly, ensures access to emergency vehicles during events.

This was a good example of how different committees of the council work together to get things done. There were 14 items on the agenda and we all agreed with all of them.