Environment and Leisure Committee Meeting 26.2.18

By Chris Slough

We have a great Grounds Team but we must invest in their equipment if they are to do a good job.

At this meeting the Grounds Team made a case that we should buy a Transit Tipper Van rather than pay for a replacement gearbox on one of our Ford Rangers, arguing that the Transit would be a more useful and versatile vehicle.

The Labour group accepted this argument; Labour has always believed that we should invest in our workforce. Nationally, a lot of nonsense is often talked about British workers not being as “productive” as others when, in reality, poor productivity is more to do with a lack of investment to provide appropriate resources.

Labour councillors therefore agreed to use Ear Marked Reserves (EMR) to help pay for the new machine. EMR are a good idea. Prudent councils put a little money away each year to pay for big items of equipment when the need arises.

We think this was a good use of residents money so it met our “value for money test” that we subject every item of expenditure to. We often find ourselves arguing with other groups of councillors about this principle, but on this occasion everybody agreed.

In fact, there were 16 items on the agenda and we were in unanimous agreement on all of them!