Cllr Antonia Ryan

Labour Group Leader Councillor Antonia Ryan (Parkside) spoke at full Council demanding an update on the Kingsland site.

She said:

“On 16 March 2016, a press release was sent out from Central Bedfordshire Council highlighting the deprivation in Houghton Regis, a plan to deal with this was by considering a partnership with Legacy (link). An extract of this is:

“Central Bedfordshire Council will revitalise an area of Houghton Regis called Kingsland, which is 20% most deprived area in the UK, with 41% of children coming from deprived households”

This partnership was set out to bring hope of education, homes and above all social mobility. Since then we are yet to hear of any developments or any additional resources provided to tackle these issues.

This has unfortunately seen more vital services i.e. schools fail since the publication.

We cannot as a Council hold our head high if we are not protecting the most vulnerable in our communities.

So what happened to the Legacy deal?

I would plead with the Council that a strategic plan for the future of Houghton Regis is put in place with the utmost priority, to deal with the ever-increasing social needs, and to assist in the successful delivery of the new community. 

Houghton Regis needs consultation for any further plans.”

Council Executive member Nigel Young replied, saying that an update will be coming shortly, which will outline the same commitment or an alternative.