It is the policy of Dunstable and Houghton Regis Labour Party to never misuse facts or misquote for political advantage. In a recently issued election leaflet we stated that Ashton Middle School was closed to enable Central Bedfordshire Council to gain from its sale by converting it to use in a prestigious housing project. The situation, however, is much more complex and is one in which no party escapes blame – especially CBC.

Ashton Middle School was closed – despite parental protests – following a decision by CBC to allow lower schools to become primaries and upper schools to become secondary. This resulted in the decline of the towns middle schools – so that Brewers Hill and Streetfield Schools are now empty and boarded up while other schools are full to bursting…

The Ashton Foundation then decided to sell off Ashton Middle School and use the proceeds to fund Ashton St. Peters Primary and what is now Manshead Academy. The consequence is that we now have an elite town centre housing estate and a shortage of school places. The town and its citizens deserve better.