The sad passing of an excellent Liberal Democrat councillor, Robin Hines, led to an unexpected and unwanted by-election. Once the decision by an ‘Independent’ was made to fight the seat, I was selected as the Labour candidate and my first duty is to congratulate Yvonne Farrell, the Liberal Democrat candidate, on her victory.

It has been an incredible campaign surrounded by such a wonderful team which deserved an even better result than it did. We had party members coming in from Luton, Leighton Buzzard and surrounding villages which made me proud to have been the candidate for this ward. As you have probably read by now, this ward is close to my heart, for which I would love to have made a difference. Those who know my history will know I am a competitive person who does not like losing, but I wouldn’t have changed this experience for the world.

I feel it is clear to us that we did not get the result we so richly deserved. We fought with a clear campaign strategy, a brilliant team and a leaflet with a narrative that we felt passionately about. This was all brilliantly executed against a backdrop of bias, lies, smears and abuse from one particular quarter.

We will continue to fight against problems in the local area such as high council tax, youth opportunities and spending tax payer’s money on questionable projects. These are all issues your local Labour Party will continue to fight and when we are elected with a majority local council next year, we will see the changes we all deserve.

Yours Faithfully,

Alex Butler

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